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So i finally did the update on my I phone, I have been holding off for about 3 month as MAC has fallen in to the Microsoft get thing out before they are tested. I do not under stand why these company’s with thousands of employees can get there shit together. Like why not test 100% before the release of a meager software change.

The biggest problem I have found is the IMessage  its messed up the one thing that people uses more then the phone it self and they F it up.

So this is what i did to temporarily fix this problem until Mac gets there shit together.

got to your settings then General go to the bottom of the list and into reset push “Reset Network Settings”

after your phone restarts go back into Settings scroll down to Messages and turn off IMessage






So here we go my first post, I have 2 projects that are up front of all others.!!

My first project is my Aquaponics tank. My second is ProxMox KVM. So i will be updating my progress and what I have done up todate.

Aquaponics Tank

I will be posting more pictures on the beginning of this project.